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Kabbosjön is a lake in the Mellerud municipality in Dalsland, and is part of the Göta alv main area. The lake has a max. depth of 20 meter, and an area of ​​219.8 ha. A beautiful lake with a great variety in sport fishing.

Our main goal is to get the most favorable angling as possible in Kabbosjön, by selling fishing licenses and implant more fish with the money this generates.

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Über diese Aktivität

  • Art des Angelns
  • Größe
    219.8 ha
  • Über das Angeln
    In Kabbosjön you find pike, perch, roach, bream, zander and trout. (Please keep in mind there is a miniumum size for trout)
  • Saison
    All year round.
  • Gasthafen
    If you wish to rent a place for your boat in Kabbosjön : Price SEK 500: - Location / year Contact: Henrik Karlsson 0530-211 76 Arne Larsson 0530-212 48
  • Allgemeine Angelregeln
    Minimum size for trout: 40 cm . Only single fishing rod, jigging and spinning rods are allowed.
  • Angelkarte
    Fishing license prices, in SEK : Day : 40: - Monthly: 100: - Monthly pass whole family: 150: - Year : 200: - Year whole family: 300: - Fishing license selling points : Lars Åke Eriksson Käbbo tel 053021054 Arne Eriksson Käbbo. Tel 0530-21022 Kerstin Edvardsson Dalskog tel 0530-21048 Ragnar Andersson (Blacksmith at Valley) Rörnäs tel 0530-24005 Kjell Svensson (Kjell in the store) Dalskog tel 070-5545297