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BFS085 Ödegården - near to forest and hikingtrail.

Area: Bengtsfors  Map

5 beds
Cabins Cousy cottage with seewiew. The forest around the corner. 250 m to lake Ramsbytjärnet. 90 s...

BFS113 Gummenäs - lakeview in two directions.

Area: Bengtsfors  Map

5 beds
Cabins Spacious house near lake Lelång and close to hiking path. 130 sqm, 5 rooms, 5 beds.

BFS044 Högås - View over lake Lelång.

Area: Bengtsfors  Map

4 beds
Cabins Neat house with 3 sleeping rooms highly situated, 70 m from lake Lelång in Dalsland. 78 sqm,...

MLD008 Utsikten - with lake view.

Area: Mellerud  Map

5 beds
Cabins High situated traditionally built cottage with lake view in Öjerud, 18 km west of Mellerud. ...

DED134 Lugnet - sole and isolated

Area: Dals Ed  Map

5 beds
Cabins Respectfully renovated cottage with lovely garden in the wilderness. Sauna and boat included...

DED160 Backstugan

Area: Dals Ed

20 m² 4 beds
Cabins A small, simple cottage with fantastic view overlooking lake Brännetjärn.

MLD141 Ängshuset - Evening sun at meadow

Area: Mellerud  Map

4 beds
Cabins The house Ängshuset MLD141 is situated at lake Näsölen (180m) with a beautiful bathingplace ...

BFS087 Björklunden - with lake view.

Area: Bengtsfors  Map

2 beds
Cabins Small nice cottage, with view over the lake Lelången (75 m) where you can see a beaver if yo...

DED058 Gamletorp - nice cottage at Stora Le.

Area: Dals Ed  Map

5 beds
Cabins Sweet, cosy cottage at the lake Stora Le (100 m). 50 sqm, 3 rooms, 4 beds.

Wildernesshouse - Bockudden

Area: Årjäng  Map

Accommodation The house is situated on the peninsula of the canoe center area, almost on its own!

BFS094 Långenästorpet-Seperately situated at lake Grann.

Area: Bengtsfors  Map

90 m² 4 beds
Cabins Elderly farm house seperately situated at lake Grann (400 m). 90 sqm, 3 rooms, 4 beds.

BFS080 Ormansbyn 2 - house for many people.

Area: Bengtsfors  Map

8 beds
Cabins Charming, oldish cottage on a nice backyard in Dalsland, in an quiet and secluded location. ...

BFS114 Mörre - lakeview but close to town.

Area: Bengtsfors  Map

6 beds
Cabins Beautiful House with view over the lake Lelång. 75 sqm, 4 rooms, 6 beds.

BFS165 Solid

Area: Bengtsfors

2 beds
Cabins Located uphill with big windows facing the lake Iväg and a simple style you´ll find this cabin.

BFS086 Borggården- Red cottage with view over lake.

Area: Bengtsfors  Map

6 beds
Cabins Charming red cottage in Torrskog north from Bengtsfors. Lake wiew, 300 m from lake Ramsbytjä...

MLD131 Anolfsbol – near to little river.

Area: Mellerud

7 beds
Cabins Calm and beautiful situated house in the countryside.

MLD156 Upperud

Area: Mellerud  Map

50 m² 2 beds
Cabins This beautiful guest house offers a nice and bright decorated kitchen and living rum in a pe...

DED154 Lilla Rålen

Area: Dals Ed  Map

79 m² 4 beds
Cabins omforatbel living on the swedish countryside.Newly renovated cottage. 79sqm, 3 rooms, kitche...

BFS043 Nackeloftet - timberhouse near lake.

Area: Bengtsfors  Map

2 beds
Cabins Nicely decorated timber cottage at the lake Nacketjärn (200 m). 45 sqm, 1 room with sleeping...

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