Laxsjön - Långbrohöljen

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Lake Laxsjön is located at Billingsfors, just south of Bengtsfors. The lake is part of the Dalsland Canal’s lake system. From both north and west several larger influxes enter the lake, including one at Billingsfors from Lake Lelång through Lake Bengtsbrohöljen and another at Skåpafors from Lake Svärdlång. Another is the Stenebyälven River that empties in the lake just south of Billingsfors in the west. The lake empties at Långbron at the southern tip, flowing through Långbroströmmen into Lake Långbrohöljen and on past Mustadfors to the next lake named Råvarpen. Lake Långbrohöljen is also part of the Lake Laxsjön FVO.


Lake Laxsjön has relatively clear, cold water. Most of the shore consists of mountains, cliffs and stony beaches, with some shallower reed coves in the northern and eastern parts near Fjäll. There are eight islands or smaller islets. The forests surrounding the lake is mostly spruce with some hardwood mixed in.

Billingsfors is located on the western shore of lake and its paper mill can be seen from the middle of the lake. The south-western side of the lake is dominated by Baldersnäs Manor. There is a large point of land running north-south whose northern tip is called ‘the end of the world’ and offers a windbreak and camping sites. On the eastern side of the lake there are summer cabins and villas. The northern section around Skåpafors has some of the same. The rest of the shoreline is dominated by forested slopes down to the lake.

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About this activity

Type of fishing
Större utmaning
Area, hectares
Lake Laxsjön: 1653 ha / 4083 acres; Lake Långbrohöljen: 34 ha / 84 acres. At its deepest point Lake Laxsjön is 57 metres.
About the fishing
Spin-fishing, trolling and various types of ice-fishing. You’ll get more information about good fishing sites when you arrive.
All year. You will get more detailed information about seasons, sites, gps-positions and moore when you have booked your trip.
Nice catches
Pikes over 15 kg, perch over 2 kg and trouts near 9 kg, bream over 5 kg ...
Boat ramp
Further information here:
Guest harbour
Långbron in South part.
Fishing regulation
Your name must be written on your fishing licence and it must be carried where it can be seen. No one else may use your licence. • Max number brown trout per day – 3. • Minimum size for brown trout – 40 cm. • Brown trout in Lake Laxsjö may not be fished from 1 October through 31 December. • Using setlines or gaff fishing is strictly forbidden by law. • Tilled fields, house lots or other fenced properties such as industrial propertied may not be entered. • Fishing wardens carry a special badge. You must show fishing licences, ID card, tools, bags or catch on their request. • The fishing rules carry legal liability and offenders will be prosecuted. • There is no fee for youths under 16 years of age, but the rules must be followed nevertheless.
Fishing permit
Further information regarding prices and moore under the headline "fishing".
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