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Lake Rødenessjøen is located in the Marker Municipality and is one of the deepest in the Haldenvassdraget. In the north, it becomes Lake Skulerudsjøen on the border of Akershus and Østfold Counties.

A fjordlike lake, it has a narrow fringe of forest down to the shoreline before the dark land takes over. Thus the impression from the water is of a true wilderness. The large pike in the lake is well established and joins perch and burbot as the most important fish species.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Enkelt fiske Större utmaning
  • Area, hectares
    1530 ha / 3779 acres
  • About the fishing
    In all there some 20 species known in the lake. The most important for sports fishermen are pike and perch. Other species include roach, bleak, silver bream, bream, rudd, brown trout, ruffe, vendace, smelt and burbot.
  • Season
    All year. Pike is fished in shallow water from when the ice breaks up to around June. After that many of the large fishes become pelagic. Perch fishing is good all year with some variation depending on fishing site. Burbot bites in the colder season either in ice-fishing or coarse fishing from the shore.
  • Nice catches
    Pike weighing over 10 kg are caught every year, while the largest individuals caught here weighed as much as 16-17 kg.
  • Boat ramp
    There is a boat ramp in Ørje.
  • Fishing regulation
    You must bring your fishing licence with you and show it on request. C&R rules cover all pike that will not be eaten on site, all over 80 cm and more than 2 pike per day. Minimum size: trout – 25 cm.
  • Fishing permit
    There is no fee for youth under 16 years fishing with an adult. The fishing licence is valid throughout Haldenvassdraget – thus the card for Lake Rødenessjøen is also valid for all the other lakes included in the lake system. You can buy a fishing licence at www.inatur.no or at GSport in Ørje. More information at Inatur.
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