Glomma Solbergfoss - Kykkelsrud

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This part of the Glomma waterway stretches about 8 km. Its current here is mostly relatively strong though there are several large coves and backflows. The river is surrounded mixed forests and agricultural land. Housing is relatively sparse.

The northern end of this stretch begins at the Solbergfoss Power Station forming both a migration barrier for fish and a transport problem for people. The boundary between Askim and Spydeberg municipalities runs in the middle of the river. About 6 km downstream from Solbergfoss the river runs under the Smaalenene Bru Bridge carrying the E18 motorway. At the southern end stands the Kykkelsrud Power Station. The two power stations ensure that boat use is limited to just this stretch. There are several marked reefs in the river that boat users must be aware of.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Enkelt fiske Större utmaning
  • About the fishing
    Spin-fishing, trolling, coarse fishing and various types of ice-fishing.
  • Season
    Due to seasonal variations and the current fishing here is strongly varied. Usually pike and perch fishing is best in spring and autumn, while pikeperch is more eager during the warmer part of the year. At times, grayling and trout bite well, especially in the autumn.
  • Nice catches
    Pike weighing over 10 kg are caught every year, as are pikeperch over 4 kg and perch over 1 kg. Several trout weighing over 5 kg have also been caught here over the years.
  • Boat ramp
    At Fossum Bru Bridge.
  • Fishing regulation
    You must bring your fishing licence with you and show it on request. C&R rules cover all pike that will not be eaten on site, all over 80 cm and more than 2 pike per day. Live bait is not allowed in the lake. Minimum size below which the fish must be released: trout – 25 cm; pikeperch – 42 cm; asp – 30 cm.
  • Fishing permit
    The fishing licence can be bought at inatur (, various outlets such as fishing shops or via SMS. More information at slipways or actual fishing sites. Day – 50 NOK; week – 150 NOK; year – 300 NOK; cabin/boat card – 400 NOK.
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