Glomma Furuholmen - Sarpsfoss

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The stretch from Furuholmen to Sarpsfoss on the Glomma River is around 15 km and comprises both large coves and strong currents. The proximity to Sarpsborg means that accessibility is good in several places.

The area is very varied, ranging from densely built up areas through farming country to forested areas.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • About the fishing
    Possibly as many as 27-28 species live on this stretch. The most common are perch, pike, pikeperch, grayling and a number of carp-fishes. There is excellent fishing for pike weighing over 10 kg and some individuals over 15 kg have been landed. Fishing for chubb and ide is among the best in the country with fish exceeding 3 kg caught every year. You will get more detailed information about fishing sites and methods when you have booked.
  • Season
    All year, though with variations depending on species. Perch and pike can be fished for all year, but the best time is spring and autumn. Ide and bream are usually fished in the warmer part of the year, while their relative chubb can be fished all year. Grayling bites best here in the early autumn (September-October).
  • Nice catches
    An earlier Norwegian record for pike was caught here weighing in at 17.6 kg. The current records for ide (3040 g) and chubb (3430 g) were caught on this stretch.
  • Boat ramp
    There is a Boat ramp at Nipebrua. You will get the co-ordinates when you have booked.
  • Fishing regulation
    You must bring your fishing licence with you and show it on request. C&R rules cover all pike that will not be eaten on site, all over 80 cm and more than 2 pike per day. Live bait is not allowed. Minimum size, below which the fish must be released without injury: trout and grayling – 35 cm; pikeperch – 42 cm; and Asp – 30 cm.
  • Fishing permit
    The fishing licence can be bought at, various outlets such as fishing shops or via SMS. More information at slipways or actual fishing sites. Day – 50 NOK; week – 150 NOK; year – 300 NOK; cabin/boat card – 400 NOK.
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