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Lake Mingevannet is the northernmost of the three lakes in the Glomma River tributary system. Its 206 ha surface area makes it the largest of the three. Actually an extremely slow flowing section of the river itself, it is about 7 km long and studded with shallow coves and deep sections.


Lake Mingevannet has many exciting fishing areas. There are many reminders of the timber floating that dominated here, among them logs standing up from the bottom. These remains create superb fishing sites. The lake is directly connected to the main channel of the Glomma River and to Lake Vestvannet meaning that the entire system can be reached by boat.

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About this activity

Type of fishing
Enkelt fiske Större utmaning
Area, hectares
206 ha / 509 acres
About the fishing
Perch, pike and pikeperch fishing are especially good here. Trolling, spin-fishing or coarse fishing for pike, spin-fishing for perch and vertical jigging for pikeperch are the best methods.
Lake Mingevannet is primarily known for its excellent perch fishing, but can also offer good fishing for pike and pikeperch. Perch can be caught all year, but the strongest pike bite best in autumn and winter. Pikeperch season is summer and autumn. Ice-fishing for both perch and pike is also very good in the lake, with large individuals caught every year.
Nice catches
Several perch over 2 kg have been caught here, as have pike weighing over 15 kg.
Boat ramp
There is a Boat ramp at Trøsken Bru Bridge (59° 24' 45.360" N / 11° 11' 2.184" E).
Fishing regulation
You must bring your fishing licence with you and show it on request. C&R rules cover all pike that will not be eaten on site, all over 80 cm and more than 2 pike per day. Live baitfish is not allowed. Minimum size that should be released unharmed is: trout and grayling – 35 cm; pikeperch – 42 cm; and asp – 30 cm.
Fishing permit
Fishing licences can be bought on www.inatur.no, local outlets and via sms (more information is found at the slipways and the fishing sites). There is no fee for youths under 16 years. Day – 50 NOK; week – 150 NOK; year – 300 NOK; cabin/boat card – 400 NOK.
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