Øyeren - Trøgstad

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Lake Øyeren is the ninth largest lake in Norway and has more fish species than any other. More than 25 species are registered here and most of these attain trophy size.

Lake Øyeren is a very varied lake. The Glomma, Leira and Nitelva rivers empty in the northern section creating the largest inland delta in northern Europe. Protected as the Nordre Øyeren Nature Preserve, the area is very shallow with some deeper channels. It is a very exciting area for sports fishermen. The southern part is much deeper reaching depths down to 75.5 m.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • Area, hectares
    847 ha / 2092 acres
  • About the fishing
    Fishing for perch, pike and pikeperch is excellent, while that for asp can also be very good. You will get more detailed information about fishing methods and sites when you have booked.
  • Season
    All year, though with variations depending on species. You will get more detailed information about seasonal differences when you have booked.
  • Nice catches
    Norwegian records for pike, pikeperch and asp have been caught in Lake Øyeren a number of times. In 2011 a pike weighing 18.64 kg was caught in the lake. An asp weighing 5.3 kg was also caught here and is a Norwegian record.
  • Boat ramp
    There are boat ramps in Sandstangen, Flateby, Gansvika and Fetsund.
  • Guest harbour
    There is a guest harbour at Gansvika
  • Fishing regulation
    C&R rules cover all pike that will not be eaten on site, all over 80 cm and more than 2 pike per day. Live bait is not allowed. Minimum size, below which the fish must be released without injury: trout and grayling – 35 cm; pikeperch – 42 cm; and Asp – 30 cm.
  • Fishing permit
    The fishing licence for Glomma and Vorma do not apply here. Lake Øyeren is an open fishing lake, though within the rules stated above.