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The Enningdalselva River is also called Berbyelva River and is located in the southernmost section of Østfold County in the Halden Municipality. Flowing through the Enningdalen Valley between Lake Bullaren in Sweden and Iddefjorden it is the only salmon river in Østfold.

The Enningdalselva River is rather narrow with several rapids and backwaters. There is a delta formation where it empties into the Iddefjord. The river is managed by the Arbeidernes Jeger & Fiskeforening Halden (FVO).

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • Area, hectares
    13 km long
  • About the fishing
    The Enningdalselva River is known mainly for salmon fishing, in part because it can be quite good. The fishing is well developed here and the river is divided into two sections with different season and fishing licence.
  • Season
    Lower (Berby) section: 25.5 at 18.00 to 15.8 at 24.00; upper (Svingen) section: 23.5 at 00.00 to 15.7 at 24.00.
  • Nice catches
    The river record for salmon is 17.7 kg caught in 2008. The average weight is 4.5 kg.
  • Boat ramp
    Boat fishing is not allowed.
  • Fishing regulation
    The fishing licence should be visible at all times during fishing. 1. Fishing in posted red zone is not allowed. 2. All fishing equipment should be cleaned prior to fishing. Cleaning equipment can be found at Jugærbua in Berby. 3. One-time disposable grills may not be used. 4. Sleeping over in Gapahuk is not allowed. 5. The stretch is divided into 13 zones number I-XIII. When you start fishing you start at the upper mark of the chosen zone and follow the river downstream. Fishing here is movable. When you reach the next zone mark you can either continue downstream or start again in the same zone. There are three zone-free sections where you can start anywhere. 6. Permitted fishing tools: fly, fly with float, coarse fishing with worm, tinbait, spin-fishing with spinner and wobbler; hook max triple (13 mm from hook tip to shank), tinbait with single hook (15 mm from hook tip to shank) and only wool tippet line. Tinbait fishing stops at 35 cm water level. Sinkers are only allowed for tinbait fishing and then only using lead or environmental sinkers. Plastic sinkers that can be filled with water are forbidden! NOTE! Sinkers must always be adapted the water volume and current, in order to ensure that the bait follows the current – you should not park yourself in the river. Coarse/wobbler/spinner/tinbait/fly and fly with float are allowed in the whole river except in zones VI-VIII where only fly is allowed under 50 cm water levels (only fly with fly-line and rod). At 49 cm and above as measured by the FVO the fly zones are opened for spin and coarse fishing again. Line thickness for monofilament - minimum 0.35 mm and for multifilament – minimum 0.20 mm. 7. Catch limits: 1 salmon over 5 kg or two under per day and 7 salmon per season and person. Only 1 salmon per zone and day (whole season). Definition: day for season licence is 00:00 to 24:00 and for day/week licence is 18:00 to 18:00. Minimum sizes: salmon – 50 cm and for sea trout – 40 cm. 8. When you are through fishing place your day licence in the locked bag outside Jugærbua. 9. Scale samples should taken from each salmon and sea trout, registered on scale bags and placed in the locked bag in the weighing room. 10. The Arbeidernes Jeger- & Fiskeforening (FVO) requires everyone to release all brown female salmon. 11. There is no fee for youths under 16 years accompanying an adult with a valid fishing licence when fishing the adult’s rod. 12. The speed limit is 25 kmh on all roads except the main road. When fishing in the fly-fishing zone your car should be parked at the bridge. 13. All trash should be taken home by the persons fishing or placed in the trash bins provided. 14. Breaking any of these rules can lead to loss of fishing licence. The individual can be excluded for two (2) years. The FVO has the authority to relieve individuals of the fishing licence and to change the rules as necessary during the season.
  • Fishing permit
    Remember to show proof of payment when picking up your fishing licence. This holds true for all salmon fishing licences. Forms for fishing licence fee can be downloaded on the Internet. For start and closing times see season above. Fishing licence for the lower (Berby) section: Sales and orders for licences from 1 May each year. Licences are sold at Gilstedt Jakt Fiske Friluftsliv AS, Jacob Stuarts gate 7, 1776 Halden 09:30to16:30 Monday-Friday, 09:00-14:00 Saturday. Closed Sunday and Norwegian public holidays. Orders by phone (+47-69 181165) or in the shop. Prices: Day – senior member – 200 NOK; senior non-member – 350 NOK; week – senior member – 750 NOK; senior non-member – 1300 NOK; day – junior member – 100 NOK; day – junior non-member – 150 NOK; week – junior member – 300 NOK; week – junior non-member – 500 NOK. Fishing licence for the upper (Svingen) section: Licenses are sold at Gilstedt Jakt Fiske Friluftsliv AS, Jacob Stuarts gate 7, 1776 Halden, tel. +47-69 181165. Willy Simensen in Enningdalen, tel.+47-69 197657. (Earlier at Svingen Handel, now closed.) Prices: Season – senior 900 NOK; season – junior – 400 NOK; day – senior – 100 NOK; day – junior – 50 NOK; week – senior – 350 NOK; week – junior – 150 NOK.
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