Stora Lee

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Lake Stora Lee is located on both sides of the boundary between Norway and Sweden. The Norwegian part is in the Aremark and Marker Municipalities in Østfold County and lays 102 metres over sea level.


Lake Stora Lee is a clear-water lake with excellent Secchi results. It’s 70 km long and has more than 300 large and small islands helping to create many superb fishing sites. The lake has a low nutrition level and great depth. The water is surrounded by steep forested slopes covered with coniferous and some deciduous trees. There is some cultivated land farthest in low-lying coves. Its deepest point is102 metres and the average depth 39.6 metres.

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About this activity

Type of fishing
Större utmaning
Area, hectares
13100 ha of which 1543 ha in Norway / 32357 acres of which 3811 acres in Norway
About the fishing
There are probably 25 fish species in Lake Stora Lee – perch, pikeperch (stocked), ruffe, brown trout, lavaret, vendace, rainbow trout (stocked), salmon, char, smelt, roach, bleak, bream, minnow, rudd, tench, Crucian carp, pike, bullhead, four-horned sculpin, white-finned sculpin, burbot, nine-spined stickleback, lamprey and eel. The most interesting for sportsfishing are perch, pike, salmon and trout. However, there are relatively few individuals of the last two species.
All year, tough with seasonal variation depending on the species.
Nice catches
Pike weighing over 16 kg, perch over 2 kg and pikeperch as much as 5 kg have all been caught in Lake Store Lee. At the same time very large salmon and trout have been landed.
Boat ramp
Otteidvika: 59° 21' 3.672" N / 11° 44' 32.424" E; Tolsby Camping: 59° 15' 52.452" N / 11° 48' 13.068" E Lennartsfors: 59.31954 N / 11.89919 E, Töcksfors: 59.50182 N / 11.85724 E
Guest harbour
Lennartsfors, Töcksfors, Otteid (Holmerudsfors - Se Stora Lee Struven)
Fishing regulation
You must bring your fishing licence with you and show it on request. C&R rules cover all pike that will not be eaten on site, all over 80 cm and more than 2 pike per day. Maximum 8 rods per boat. Minimum size for trout is 25 cm and for pikeperch 42 cm.
Fishing permit
The fishing licence allows 4 rods per boat. Should you wish to use more than four rods (max 8 rods), you must buy two licences. The fishing licence can be bought at and at local outlets. Information about fishing licence for the Swedish section of the lake can be found at the lake description for that part (Struven Stora Le). Fishing licence for the Norwegian section: Day – 50 NOK; week – 100 NOK; season – 200 NOK.
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