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The Degernesfjella lake district is in the southern part of Rakkestad Municipality and comprises some 130 waters of varying size fish stock. The somewhat broken landscape is mainly forest, bogs and knolls.


This district is perfect for both families and sports anglers. Here you can find forgotten waters with large, handsome fish, as well as waters where everyone can catch something.

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About this activity

Type of fishing
Enkelt fiske Större utmaning
About the fishing
This lake district is home seven species – perch, pike, roach, trout, common minnow, Crucian carp and three-spined stickleback. The most interesting for sports anglers are trout, perch and Crucian carp. Each year 20 lakes are stocked with new trout and reaching over 1 kg in several places. Perch is found in most waters, both in schools numbering in the thousands and as really large individuals. In some waters it’s possible to land Crucian carp weighing over 1 kg.
All year including ice-fishing
Nice catches
Twice in the winter 2010-2011 large perch were landed weighing 2.16 kg and 2.28 kg. Trout over 2 kg are not uncommon in the Degernesfjella district.
Fishing regulation
Rod and line or hand lines can be used. The licence is personal. Each licence allows two rods or handlines in open water and 4 rods + 1 hand line for ice-fishing. Rods in use must always be within reasonable distance from the angler (5 m). No fishing is allowed in running water. Trout measuring less than 30 cm from the nose to the end of the tailfin shall be released unless injured. The following fish ought to be released when longer than the indicated size measured as above and if uninjured: perch – 40 cm; pike – 80 cm; roach – 40 cm Crucian carp – 35 cm; and trout – 50 cm. The fishing licence can be revoked if the holder damages forests, cabins, boats or someone else’s property or breaks the fishing rules above. All campsites should be cleaned and trash taken home. No fires are allowed between April 15 and September 14 and visitors are asked to be careful during the rest of the year. The fishing licence must be carried at all times and be shown on request by members of the FVO who function as wardens. It is especially forbidden to move living fish or other living water organisms between the various waters.
Fishing permit
The fishing licence is valid for the Midte Degernes Gunnierlag (FVO). The licence can be bought at the entrance to the area or a Day – 80 NOK; 3days – 140 NOK; week – 200 NOK; year – 400 NOK.
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