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Lake Ivägsjön is a typical Dalsland lake with clear water and surrounded by the usual mountain and rock shores. The lake has one larger island and ten or so smaller islets and skerries.


Some agricultural land is seen from the northern section of the lake. It is also here that the largest input flows coming from Grann Lake. The lake empties in the NE section into the Stenebyälven River that continues to Lake Laxsjön. The water level can vary by as much as half a metre depending on the season and the weather.

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About this activity

Type of fishing
Större utmaning
Area, hectares
1136 ha / 2806 acres
About the fishing
Lake Ivägsjön is an excellent sports fishing water. There are lots of perch and pike, as well as a smaller stock of wild trout. A motorboat is needed to fish here. Spin-fishing for pike in the shallow coves can be very successful in the spring and early summer. Regardless of the weather or wind there is always a cove out of the wind somewhere that offers excellent spin-fishing. Perch fishing is best from mid-May through early September and then at open reefs and then near planted brushwood sheaves. Trolling for pelagic pike is usually best during the summer. Other species include brown trout, burbot, bream, tench, rudd, roach, bleak, eel, vendace, lavaret and ruffe.
All year. Pike is best from early May through November, while perch season runs from mid-May through early September.
Nice catches
A pike weighing in at 14 kg (129 cm!) was reported caught via trolling in 2009 and released by Felix Bock from Germany. The average weight from summer trolling is around 4 kg. Pike approaching 10 kg have been hooked on spin and jerkbait in late spring. The largest perch caught in Lake Ivägsjön using a rod is around 2 kg. The brushwood sheaves and reefs are the best places as shown by the GPS-co-ordinator. The largest trout is a fish weighing 9 kg caught via trolling in the mid-1980s. Winter fishing has proven especially good.
Boat ramp
Right now there is no publically open slipway, but there are plans among the landowners for building some. As these are ready information will be provided.
Guest harbour
There are no accessible guest harbours in Lake Ivägsjön.
Fishing regulation
* The limit is 2 rods/licence on a regular fishing licence, 4 on a trolling licence. * You may not enter cultivated land, nor trespass on private lots or fenced areas. * There is no fee for youths under 16 years.*
Fishing permit
Fishing licence sales: Turistbyrån Bengtsfors; Anton Olssons Järnhandel, Dals Långed; Brohögens Handel. Fishing licence prices: Spin: Day – 50 SEK; week – 100 SEK. Trolling: Day – 100 SEK, max 4 rods/licence.
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