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Sport fishing in Lake Askesjö is always an adventure. It’s perfect for a number of species due to the unusual shape created by several fault fissures. As there are almost no open spaces, you’re never far from land wherever you anchor. Narrow sounds, lots of coves and a magnificent setting shape not only a fisherman’s dream, but also a paradise for fish.


Lake Askesjö is a typical wilderness forest lake. Most of the water is clear, though somewhat brownish. Most of the shores are mountainous and there are many islets and skerries. The lake is dotted with shallow, interesting coves whose reeds, water lilies and other floating aquatic plants create a perfect environment for a number of fish species. Several brooks and a smaller river empty into the lake and at Näsbo in its eastern part the water runs on to Lake Megsjö through a river. With few houses around the lake, the wilderness nature is only interrupted by a classic agricultural landscape segments.

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About this activity

Type of fishing
Större utmaning
Area, hectares
Askesjö: 239 ha / 590 acres. The FVO as a whole comprises 6 lakes: 384 ha / 948 acres. Max depth: app. 39 m.
About the fishing
Spin-fishing, simpler trolling, coarse fishing and ice-fishing using different methods. The lake has a large stock of pike, but also large perch, often weighing more than 1 kg. The fish grow large in much due to the numerous vendace in the lake. Should you fish from a boat, you’ll always find new places to try. But be careful – there are rocks and shoals everywhere.
All year. Pike from early May through November. Perch from mid-May to mid-September. In normal winter conditions the ice will be strong enough from January to early March. You will get more detailed information about seasons, sites, gps-positions and the like when you have booked.
Nice catches
Lake Askesjö ‘s claim to fame lies mainly in its excellent perch and pike fishing. The largest reported pike weighed in at 11.4 kg and the largest perch at 1.9 kg. Perches weighing over a kilogram are quite common. Several years ago the FVO tried stocking the lake with trout.
Boat ramp
In the northern edge by the windbreak – 59° 7'13.00"N / 12° 3'49.74"O
Fishing regulation
* In addition to general fishing rules, fishing in all the creeks and brooks of the FVO is forbidden. Private residential property is off limits as is other fenced areas.
Fishing permit
Fishing licence sales: Turistbyrån, Bengtsfors tel. 0531-52 63 55; SE Skogstjänst, Bengtsfors 0531-619 84; Sven-Erik Alfredsson 0531-230 96; Sven-Erik Hell 0531-128 44. Fishing licence prices: Day – 50 SEK; Week – 100 SEK. More information about the Askesjö FVO:
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