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Located in the northern part of the Årjäng municipality, Lake Östen is the northernmost lake in the Dalsland Canal lake system.


The lake is located at the centre of the Östervallskog woods and surrounded by both farming country and a partially very hilly forest. It is a nutrient-poor clear-water lake with a greatest depth at 23 metres and a Secchi disk measurement at 4-5 m. As several other lakes in the area, Lake Östen is rift-valley lake – its eastern shore is a fault scarp.

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About this activity

Type of fishing
Större utmaning
Area, hectares
Lake Östen's total surface area is 380 ha / 939 acres.
About the fishing
In spite of the fact that Lake Östen is one of the smaller lakes in the Dalsland Canal lake system, it is recommended that you fish from a boat. It’s an exciting, challenging lake to fish in with many small reed coves and deep holes. The pike population is good and the odds of landing a pike measuring as much as a metre is good, especially in the spring and autumn. During high season the pike often stand still in the deep spots and are thus harder to locate. In the evenings, however, they sometimes rise to shallower water to hunt, tough only for shorter periods. Summer evenings can offer really enjoyable surface fishing for reed pikes. Our pikes are aggressive and real fighters all year. Suitable lures include jerkbaits, common wobblers, shad jigs, spinner and buzzer baits and poppers, all depending on the conditions at the time. Lake Östen also has a stock of really large perch. Every year individuals up 1-1.5 kg are caught and some are even larger. Jig-fishing is often effective, but even poppers and other more traditional lures can work wonders.
All year. Pike from early May through November. Perch from mid-May to mid-September. In normal winter conditions the ice will be strong enough from January to early March.
Nice catches
Lake Östen is mainly known for its excellent stock of perch and pike. There are large perch and fishes reaching several kilograms occur now and then. The largest known perch was landed here in the 60s and is supposed to have weighed all of 3 kg! As to pike a number of individuals weighing over 10 kg and sometimes approaching 15 kg are caught each year. The largest ever caught was a mighty lady weighing almost 18 kg.
Boat ramp
There is a public boatramp at Käglans guest harbour.
Guest harbour
Käglans guest harbour
Fishing regulation
Only handheld equipment is allowed. You must carry your fishing licence and show it on request. There is no fee for youths and children under 16 years fishing with their guardian.
Fishing permit
Fishing licence sales: Turistbyrån in Årjäng; Turistbyrån in Töcksfors (summer); Shell in Töcksfors; Lanthandeln in Östervallskog. Fishing licence prices: Day – 40 SEK; week – 100 SEK; year – 250 SEK.
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