Lilla Lee

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A unique, deep, clear water lake whose 60 metre depth rise to steep shores and a very good Secchi dish result. The lake includes stocks of large char and European crawfish (Astacus astacus).


Lake Lilla Lee is located in the middle of the Dals –Ed village.

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About this activity

Type of fishing
Större utmaning
Area, hectares
82 ha / 203 acres
About the fishing
The depth of Lake Lilla Lee makes it perfect for ice-fishing and vertical jigging in both summer and winter. There are large reed belts along the northern shores where coarse- and spin-fishing are excellent. Pike, perch and roach are common, while vendace and char are not.
Fishing is possible almost all of the year. The exception is between October 1 and December 20 when the lake is closed due to char spawning.
Nice catches
Every year large char weighing some 2.3 kg and large perch are hooked here.
Boat ramp
No boats carried on a trailer are allowed in Lake Lilla Lee as it is home to a stock of the protected European crawfish. There are rental boats, however.
Fishing regulation
* Only hand fishing equipment. * Trolling fishing with deep rig paravanes is not allowed. * Minimum size for char is 40 cm. * Between October 1 and December 20 the lake is closed due to char spawning. * Lake Lilla Lee is a reserve direct water supply for the municipality. * Fishing from a boat with fossile fuel is not allowed, but use of electric motors. * All vehicle traffic on the ice is not allowed.
Fishing permit
Fishing licence sales: Fiskespecialisten i Ed, 0534-124 50. Fishing licence prices: Day – 50 SEK; week – 100 SEK; year – 200 SEK.
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