Nedre kalven/Forsbackasjön

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As has been mentioned earlier, Lake Nedre Kalven is part of a larger FVO some 20 km NW of Åmål. Its catchment area is to the west, mainly from Lake Övre or Upper Kalven. After passing a power station, the waterway empties into Lake Nedre or Lower Kalven.


The lake empties to the south, passing another power station and the Korsbydammen pond and on through the Åmålsån River. Lake Nedre Kalven is a eutrophic lake with may reed areas along the shoreline. There is a lot of humus in the water, which explains why a Secchi measurement stops at or before one metre. As the lakes northern part is rather shallow, it’s best reached with a bellyboat of canoe. The southern section is somewhat deeper.

The lake is surrounded by a golf course limiting spin-fishing to the southern end. Thus the land along the shore is open, with rather large grass areas and some few deciduous trees. Spruce begins to dominate at 70-100 metres from the shore and serving as the beginning of the true forest.

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About this activity

Type of fishing
Enkelt fiske
Area, hectares
180 ha / 445 acres
About the fishing
Summertime spin-fishing is without a doubt the best way to catch pike and perch. Surface lures are best, but jig has also proven itself for large perch. Rudd and tench are best caught via coarse fishing with corn or boilies. Surface feeding a few days before fishing can make a real difference to the results. In early autumn float trolling with live bait can be successful for pike and perch, though this method calls for rather much equipment – spin-fishing is a good method even in this season. Once the lake ices over, Lake Nedre Kalven turns at once into a real challenge even for the experienced perch ice-fisher. Due to the rich stock of small fish, the lake’s perch may be hard to lure. Still for those who ignore the statistics, a 2 kg perch pulled through the hole can be reward enough. Lake Nedre Kalven is home to a numerous stock of smaller pike, but even individuals around 10 kg have been reported by the guides. Perch are also common with many exceeding 1 kg. The largest confirmed perch weighed in at 2.2 kg. There are lots of rudd and tench and both species have been pulled in at weights over the current large fish registry – for rudd, 1.2 kg and for tench, 3.2 kg.
Fishing is allowed year round, though ask you not to fish when the pike and perch spawn in order to save the stock. Ice-fishing is gaining a hold at the lake and each sees catches of really large perch.
Nice catches
There is a lot of perch in the lake and the stock is seen as healthy. Many of the fish caught weigh over 1 kg and the larges confirmed perch caught weighed 2.2 kg.
Boat ramp
There is a natural boatramp in the southern part of the lake, though not maintained.
Fishing regulation
Fishing methods allowed are spin, fly and ice-fishing. Boat fishing must be done with an electric motor or with oars because of the golf course nearby. No nets are allowed and Catch&Release is recommended since the lake is relative small and the owners want to protect the stock of large perch. The guides would like all perch over 1 kg and pike over 4 kg to be released in order to ensure future fishing for future fishermen.
Fishing permit
Fishing licence sales: Tourist bureau in Åmål, and Edslans Wärdshus. Fishing licence prices: Day – 40 SEK; Week – 100 SEK.
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