Norra Kornsjön

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Lake Norra Kornsjön is the northernmost of the Kornsjö lakes.

The shoreline is mostly forested. The lake forms the boundary between Sweden and Norway. Your fishing licence is valid throughout the lake.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • About the fishing
    As there are common bleak in the lake, the best method is to catch some of them and then use them as bait for catching perch. Lake Norra or Northern Kornsjön is an excellent alternative for catching really large pike. The favourite bait for pike is fish at around 10% of the pike’s own weight. Thus there is every reason to use as large wobblers as the equipment can handle. Westin’s Jätte often works well in Lake Norra Kornsjön. Pike prefers to swim in the middle or top of the water as they hunt schools of bleak or roach. Early in the morning or at twilight the pike are found in shallower water. Here large wobblers such as Rapala Shad Rap works well there. The lake has solid stocks of pike, perch, bleak and roach. There is also some lavaret and eel.
  • Season
    Fishing is allowed all year without exception.
  • Nice catches
    Rumour would have it that there are several large pike in Lake Norra Kornsjön. As there are fewer who fish in this lake the chance of catching larger fish here is greater. Since 2005 many pike over 100 cm have been hooked here. In 2008 a pike weighing 14 kg and 125 cm long was caught in Lake Norra Kornsjön.
  • Boat ramp
    There is a natural boatramp at "Kornsjöbukta" for launching smaller boats. Coming from Dals-Ed you turn to the right several hundred metres prior to the border between Sweden and Norway. A new slipway is being built at Jakobsrud.
  • Fishing regulation
    Only handheld fishing equipment allowed.
  • Fishing permit
    Fishing licence sales: Part of the Dals-Eds Municipal Fishing Licence sold at the Dals-Ed Tourist Bureau; Shell Petrol Station; Fiskespecialisten, 0534-124 50; Eds Sport och Fritid, 0534-103 03; and Gröne Backe Camping, 0534-101 44 Fishing licence prices: Week family – 100 SEK; year family – 500 SEK.
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