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Lake Ellenösjön is in southwest Dalsland Province in Färgelanda Municipality. The lake “shares water” with Lake Östersjö in that it lies to the east of Lake Ellenösjön with only Sundsbron and route 172 between them. The Valboå River both empties into and empties Lake Ellensjö. Surrounded by agricultural landscape, the lake is shallow and eutrophic.

Lake Ellenösjö is shallow and eutrophic. Its surrounding land is typically agricultural with farms, pastures and fields leading down to the lake, most specifically in the northern end. The southern shore is more forested. Shallow reed coves are found throughout the lake, whose maximum depth is only 7 metres. This is why a strong wind can easily muddy the water since its bottom is mostly clay. The Ellensjön is best known for its excellent pikeperch.

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  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • Area, hectares
    The lake covers 310 ha / 766 acres.
  • About the fishing
    Fish species: Pike, perch, pikeperch, burbot, bream, tench, rudd, roach, bleak and eel.
  • Season
    All year. The best time for pikeperch is at the end of May to early July. For pike from April through November.
  • Nice catches
    Fishing for pikeperch is best known in Lake Ellenösjön, but perch and pike can be solid as well. Information has it that pikeperch approaching 9 kg have been caught here! The modern fisherman can also land large bream and tench. The in and out-flows are popular sites, as long as you observe the protected areas. (see rules)
  • Boat ramp
    At Sundsbron, route 172: 58.51089, 11.99200
  • Fishing regulation
    The fishing licence is good only for fishing with two hand tools for each fishing period. An alternative is at most three trolling spoons behind a boat regardless of the number of fishermen in the boat. Minimum size for pikeperch is 45 cm. All fishing in the Valboå River including the area behind the buoys at the Lille Vass reeds is forbidden. The area at Sundsbron between lakes Ellensjön and Östersjön is protected and not open. Pikeperch fishing is not allowed between April 1 and June 30 in the area marked by buoys in both lakes. Contact men appointed by the County Board: Jan Andersson, Bengt Andersson, Tommy Kleibrant and Dennis Axelsson.
  • Fishing permit
    Day – 40 SEK; week – 80 SEK; month – 120 SEK; half-year – 200 SEK; full year – 250 SEK.
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