Örekilsälven Övre

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The Gesäter FVO comprises two waterways, namely Töftedalsån and Örekilsälven that become one at the co-ordinates indicated on the map above. The humus coloured waterways flow through a varied landscape consisting of both woods and cultivated land.

The Gesäter FVO puts a lot effort into managing its two waterways, focussing on restoring resting spots and adding individuals from the original trout stock. The Örekilsälven River empties into the Gullmarsfjorden below Munkedal and in its southern reaches hosts a much appreciated fishing opportunity with rising salmon and sea trout. Work is underway on removing hinders to the migration upstream. Recently some rejuvenation of both the salmon and sea trout stock has been observed in the Gesäter FVO’s waterways. For more information visit the FVO website (www.gesater.se).

The stocks of pike, perch, roach and stationary trout are strong, while those of European chubb, salmon and sea trout are smaller.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • About the fishing
    In this area the most interesting challenge is fishing for trout. For success focus on the traditional resting spots, such as behind rocks, stream edges, under overhanging shorelines or near to vegetation or branches/trees in the water. The fish are seldom picky when it comes to fly choice, but in general imitation caddis flies and land insects work better than mayflies.
  • Season
    The waterways are closed during the trout spawning season October 15-March 1.
  • Nice catches
    Each year trout approaching 2 kg are caught, as well as the occasional larger individual.
  • Fishing regulation
    Only handheld equipment allowed – spin, casting, fly, coarse fishing rod and ice-fishing. One piece of equipment per person. Fly or spoon only lures allowed. Only one trout per licence and day. Minimum trout size is 40 cm.
  • Fishing permit
    Fishing licence sales: Fiskespecialisten i Ed, 0534-124 50; Bengt Nyberg, 0534-211 15, 0703-46 14 13; Hasse Henriksson, 0534-210 86, 070-244 69 51 ; Lennart Johansson, 070-719 66 75. Fishing licence prices: Day – 80 SEK; week – 150 SEK; season – 150 SEK.