Västra Silen

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Lake Västra Silen is well-known sports fishing water and one of the largest lakes in the Dalsland Canal lake system. It’s located between lakes Lelång and Östra Silen in north-western Dalsland and south-western Värmland. It is possible to take your boat from lakes Lelång and Östra Silen through the locks to Lake Västra Silen or to launch it at one of the many slipways on the lake. In all a very exciting lake for the sports fisherman.

Lake Västra Silen is a clear-water lake with both deep areas and some coves larger, shallower bays. Many of the shores consist of cliffs and mountains. In mid-lake there is almost a archipelago feeling. The section is full of islands, islets and skerries, especially around Gustavsfors. The same is true further north near Årjäng. The lake is almost evenly shared by the Dalsland and Värmland provinces. The sparse settlement around the lake together with the forested, rocky shores lend a sense of wilderness.

Lake Västra Silen is widest at its middle where the greatest depths are. The lake has a solid stock of primarily pike and perch. The chance of landing salmon and trout is also good, if that’s your goal. This is truly a lake where you can stake out a favourite spot for whatever type of fishing you prefer.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Enkelt fiske Större utmaning
  • Area, hectares
    The whole lake: 4705 ha / 11621 acres ; The Dalsland part: 2200 ha / 5434 acres
  • About the fishing
    Pike, perch, salmon, brown trout, char, rainbow trout, bream, tench, rudd, roach, bleak, eel, vendace, lavaret and ruffe
  • Season
    All year. Pike from early May through November, perch from mid-May to early September. Salmon and trout fishing is best during the colder seasons. Ice-fishing when the ice is safe that in normal conditions is from January to the beginning of March. You will get more detailed information about seasons, sites, gps-positions and the like when you have booked.
  • Nice catches
    For long now Lake Västra Silen has held the Swedish Sports Fishing record for lake salmon. It weighed 12.485 kg and was caught by trolling by Per Holby from Årjäng. Large pikeperch approaching 9 kg and pike reaching 15 kg have also been hooked, along with perch weighing over 2 kg. The most recent in the list of large perch was caught by Jimmy Johansson from Årjäng when ice-fishing in February 2009. It weighed exactly 2.173 kg and was hooked on a Bergman pirk. Lake Västra Silen has been a popular water for many years, especially for trolling salmon and trout, but pike fishermen are coming here in greater numbers. At times you can find rainbow trout in the lake, fish that tend to grow large and in fighting trim. In 2008 an 8.3 kg rainbow was caught by a happy Norwegian on a guided fishing tour with guide Tommy Nerstrand. Clearly a fish that had lived a long life in the lake! Char weighing around 4 kg have been caught here, but today the char stock is rather small.
  • Boat ramp
    South and middle parts: Kråkviken 59° 8'34.89"N / 12°12'26.16"O; Vammerviken 59°13'16.61"N / 12° 7'47.40"O; Bottnaneviken 59°14'19.14"N / 12°11'35.11"O.
  • Guest harbour
    In north part there is a guest harbor in Årjäng
  • Fishing regulation
    The regular fishing licence allows 2 rods each, the trolling licence allows 4 rods. * Minimum size for salmon, brown trout and char is 60 cm. * Max 4 salmonoid fish may be kept per boat and day or max 2 per licence and day. * Tilled fields, private residential property is off limits as is other fenced areas. * There is no charge for children and youths under 16 years fishing with their . * In addition general fishing rules are in force, as well as rules regarding no fishing in all creeks and brooks in the FVO area.
  • Fishing permit
    Turistbyrån Bengtsfors; Silverlake Camp, Kråkviken; Vammervikens Camping
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