Östra Silen

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Many think that Lake Östra Silen is the loveliest lake in Dalsland Province. It is one of the larger lakes in the Dalsland Canal lake system full of exciting coves, islets, islands and bays. It is possible to take your boat through locks to Lake Västra Silen of the launch it at on of the many slipways in the lake.

Lake Östra Silen is a clear-water lake with both deep areas as lots of coves, islet and skerries. It’s enough to look at the map to understand that this lake is worth a visit. The settlements along its shores are tasteful and sparse creating a true wilderness feeling. The middle section is the widest and it is here that Trollön Island is found with on of the lake’s many camping sites. The island lies in the midst of the deepest sections of the lake boasting excellent stocks of mainly perch and pike. The stock of wild pikeperch is of high quality and you might find some Gullspång salmon and char to try your luck on.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • Area, hectares
    4050 ha / 10000 acres; Maximum depth – 45 m.
  • About the fishing
    Spin and coarse fishing, trolling and several methods of ice-fishing.
  • Season
    All year. Pike from early May through November. Perch from mid-May to early September. In normal winter conditions the ice will be strong enough from January to early March. You will get more detailed information about seasons, sites, gps-positions and the like when you have booked.
  • Nice catches
    The large fishes in Lake Östra Silen are not shy and there are some very good reports. Among these are Gullspång salmon at 11 kg, char at 5.6 kg, trout at close to 9 kg, pike around 14 kg and perch at just over 2 kg. To the joy of all sports fishermen the wild stock of large trout in the lake continues to grow. The trout and salmon hooked in the lake are both fat and large.
  • Boat ramp
    Hökenäs 59°10'38.19"N / 12°15'30.07"O; Busterud 59° 6'33.77"N / 12°21'14.22"O (More information about slipways under the tab "About fishing" )
  • Fishing regulation
    The regular fishing licence allows 2 rods each. The trolling licence allows 4 rods each. * Minimum size for salmon, trout and char is 60 cm. * A maximum of 3 salmonoid fishes may be kept for each licence and day. * Trout and char are protected between October 1 and December 31. * Private residential property is off limits as are other fenced areas. * There is no charge for children and youths under 16 years. * In addition general fishing rules are in force, as well as rules regarding no fishing in all creeks, brooks and rivers emptying in the lake.
  • Fishing permit
    Turistbyrån Bengtsfors; Silverlake Camp, Kråkviken; Statoil Bengtsfors.
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