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Lake Ramsbytjärn lies to the west of Lake Lelång near the border between Dalsland and Värmland provinces on the road between Bengtsfors and Lennarsfors. This lake differs somewhat from the other ones in the area. Primarily it’s shallower and the area surrounding it is dominated by an agricultural landscape. Thus it is more eutrophic than the average creating excellent conditions for a whole number of whitefishes.

Lake Ramsbytjärn has an average depth at app. 3 m and lightly coloured water. The Kesnacksälven River runs through the lake from the south-western part and out again via the Tassbyälven River to the east. Not only is the fishing exciting here. There is also beaver in both the lake and the rivers. Since the Tassbyälven River is relatively short between Lake Ramsbytjärn and Lake Lelång, the fish can move easily from one to the other.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • Area, hectares
    App. 90 ha / 222 acres; greatest depth – app. 5 m.
  • About the fishing
    Spin-fishing, coarse fishing, simpler trolling, various types of ice-fishing.
  • Season
    All year. Pike from late April through November. Perch from early May through September. In normal winter conditions the ice will be strong enough from January to early March. You will get more detailed information about seasons, sites, gps-positions and the like when you have booked.
  • Nice catches
    Most fishermen come to Lake Ramsbytjärn for coarse fishing of large bream and tench. However, pike over 14 kg have been caught here and these hunters are at home where access to food is generous. Large perch have also been caught here, with the larger ones weighing around 2 kg. Lake Ramsbytjärn is well worth a visit and is capable of surprising even the best angler.
  • Boat ramp
    While there is no public slipway in the lake, it is possible to use one of the private ones after making contact and reaching an agreement or if you rent a cabin near the lake.
  • Fishing regulation
    * General fishing rules are followed in the lake and you are not allowed to fish in any of the FVO’s creeks and brooks. * Neither private housing lots nor fenced in areas are open to visitors.
  • Fishing permit
    Buy your licence at Turistbyrån Bengtsfors or SE Skogstjänst & Foder in Bengtsfors.
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