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Lake Vångsjön is a eutrophic lake with varied shore structure and a large species range.

There are shallow coves, steep rock shores and large reed belts providing many interesting fishing sites. Pike, perch, bleak and bream abound, while the stocks of silver bream, rudd, ruffe, eel, burbot and tench are smaller.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • Area, hectares
    105 ha / 260 acres
  • About the fishing
    Lake Vångsjön can be seen as relatively accessible and easy to fish. You can fish successfully both from the shore and boat using most existing fishing methods. Coarse fishing is popular. The lake is eutrophic and thus teems with fish. As there are plenty of baitfish, it is often best to choose varying colour, such as red and yellow, in order for your lure to stand out. There are several shallow coves that are perfect for jerk-fishing. Our pike are often interested in poppers.
  • Season
    Fishing is allowed all year.
  • Nice catches
    Fishing all year. Spring is good for pike in Lake Vångsjön’s shallow coves. Each year several pike measuring around 1 m are caught.
  • Boat ramp
    There is a smaller boatramp at route 164.
  • Fishing regulation
    Only fishing with handheld fishing equipment is allowed.
  • Fishing permit
    Fishing licence sales - general: Part of the Dals-Eds Municipal Fishing Licence sold at the Dals-Ed Tourist Bureau; Shell Petrol Station; Fiskespecialisten, 0534-124 50; Eds Sport och Fritid, 0534-103 03; and Gröne Backe Camping, 0534-101 44. Fishing licence prices - general: Family week – 100 SEK; Family year – 500 SEK. Fishing licence sales - Vångsjön: Private persons around the lake and Eds Sport och Fritid, 0534-103 03. Fishing licence prices - Vångsjön: Day – 10 SEK; week – 30 SEK; year – 50 SEK; Family year – 75 SEK.