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Vänern, Western Europe's largest lake has a maximum depth of 106 m and an average depth of 27 m lake is the deepest depression in a flat bedrock landscapes, which also explains the diversity (about 22 000) of the scenic islands, islets and reefs. The shoreline is about 20 mil long. The lake surface, covering 5 648kvkm, swim 35 different species of fish, making the lake to Sweden's richest. It also reveals that many sport fishing techniques can be practiced in the lake.

Vänern was originally a bay of the North Sea. Vänern, consisting of current Dalbosjön and Värmlandssjön , was formed by uplift when the ice last retreated , ie about 9000 years ago. When Vänern through uplift separated from the sea became populations of Atlantic salmon ( Salmo salar) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) trapped in the lake.

The trouts and salmons adapted to living their entire life cycle in freshwater. Vänern many tributaries became their spawning rivers. Such freshwater relict populations of Atlantic salmon are worldwide very rare. Gullspång Salmon - the world's largest landlocked salmon can weigh over 20 kg. Every year there are caught salmons and / or trouts weighing more than 10 kg. Nowhere in Europe is probably easier than Vänern catching a salmon in the 5- pound class ! The most important salmon rivers are Klarälven and Gullspångsälven.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • Area, hectares
    564800 ha. (acres)
  • About the fishing
    Salmontrolling in Vänern - a popular and successful method of fishing! Salmontrolling is a very popular method of fishing on the lake. Even 150 years ago, was described in English and Scandinavian literature, this variant of towed fishing on Lake Vänern called "svirvelfiske". And then as now, it was mainly unique large adult salmonids that attracted anglers from far and wide. Today there are all opportunities to test trolling on Lake Vänern, whether you are fishing from your own boat or book a fishing trip with one of the lake's guides! Pike, perch and walleye All three species are in Vänern. Pikes over 20 kg and Walleye in excess of 11 kg has been caught. Large perch have also been caught but the most typical of a good perch fishing on Lake Vänern is more that you can get many and medium-sized perch at one time ! Most likely to catch a big pike have been right after the spawning time in the spring. Mostly in the near-shore waters off the vegetation belts. During this period (March-May ) assumes the approximately one-third of its entire annual consumption. In the autumn, standing pike often at 2-8 m depth, in the winter a little deeper. In Vänern , it often happens that in salmon and trout trolling gets "cut off" from big pikes whose stomach contents reveal that they continuously monitor the lake's fish bait, especially vendace . Zander fished best during summer warmer times and sometimes during twilight. Perch also during the warmer period. Small jigs, spinners and miniwobblers are good on perch. Zander often want baits with little sharper colors and slow action.
  • Season
    The whole year for different types of sport fishing. Salmon and trout trolling is best in late autumn and in spring and early summer. Walleye and Perch when the water is warmer. Ice fishing can be very good but the ice MUST be really strong first! In Vänern you can almost ALWAYS sport fishing any time of the year!
  • Nice catches
    Biggest trout 14.32 kg Largest salmon 13.92 kg Biggest pike about 16-17 kg
  • Boat ramp
    Dalsland coast from north to south: Four ramps in Amal, Tössebäcken, Sunnanå harbor in Mellerud and Dalbergså far south. See more info at link "About Fishing" and boat ramps.
  • Guest harbour
    Åmål, Tössebäcken, Sunnanå and Dalbergså Harbors
  • Fishing regulation
    - Maximum 10 rods / baits per boat. - Max 3 salmonids / person and day, including both salmon and trout. - Minimum size of salmon and trout is 60 cm. - All salmon and trout will be with clipped adipose fin. - Free fishing throughout the year on public water. (300m from the coast, the trolling) - If the fish are markt in the Dorsal, the mark has to be sent to Fresh water laboratory.
  • Fishing permit
    Free fishing on public water
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