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Lake Edslan is a clear water lake with visibility at nearly 9 meters. Good possibilities for accomodation near the lake and a good launching ramp in the south east part.


The shoreline along Edslan is mostly rocky with coniferous forest sloping down to the lake. The inflow comes from Abborretjärn, Slommetjärn and Backatjärn. The runoff is a smaller river in about 1 km running down to Bräcketjärn. There is sparingly with vegetation in the bays. Edslan are popular as a fishing lake but also used as a canoe lake.

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About this activity

Type of fishing
Större utmaning
Area, hectares
553 ha
About the fishing
In Edslan there are big pikes! All pike fishing is done by Catch & Release. That means, all caught pike are released back alive! There are also plenty of big perch. The species that are otherwise; roach, burbot, ruffe, whitefish, vendace and a small trout population. There may also be char remaining in the lake after the releases made ​​for nearly 30 years ago. All fishing in Edslan needs a boat. The maximum depth in Edslan is 39 meters.
All year. Pike fishing is best during the spring and early summer. Perch fishing best in summer.
Nice catches
Hans Ruigrok from Holland caught a pike in 2010 at 123 cm at a test fishing! Each year pikes are cought around 110-115 cm.
Boat ramp
Boat ramp is in the southeast part near Edsleskogs Wärdshus. GPS: 59.05898, 12.45305 (WGS 84 decimal)
Fishing regulation
Catch & Release applies to all pike fishing. Otherwise the general rules.
Fishing permit
FISHING LICENSE SALESMAN: Edsleskogs Wärdshus 0046 532 510 55 Tourist Office, Bengtsfors 0046 531 52 63 55 Åmåls Tourist 0046 532 170 98 Bengt Eriksson, Edsleskog tel. 0046 532 511 28 Reiner Jansson, Amal tel. 0046 532 510 79, 0046 70 978 15 79 Rune Emanuelsson, Närsidan tel. 0046 531 423 45, 0046 70 890 26 06 Birgitta Olsson, Edsleskog, 0046 532 510 58 0046 70 582 50 69 Jan-Erik Thor Lund, Edsleskog, 0046 532 519 00, 0046 70541 88 52 Prices: Day license 50: - Monthly 100 : - Year 200: - Children up to 16 years free fishing.
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