Ärran (Ärr, Ärrsjön)

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Lake Ärr is a 6 km long, narrow lake. Ärr is a dark- but clear water lake in the eastern part of Dalsland, connected to lake ånimmen by a small sluice.

Ärran is a 6 km long, narrow lake with various depths. In the Northern- and middle part the lake is about 13 meters deep. The bottom is most rocks and a few sandy parts.In the middle part of the lake there are a few nice islands, around the islands the depth varies from 1-8 meter, but there are also a few dangerous shallow and rocky parts around ! In the south part the lake goes deeper, up to max. 32 meter. The lake has dark but clear water and the perch- and pike fishing can be difficult but good. There is good slipway with parking, at Froskog's guest harbour. Fishing licenses can be bought at several selling points.

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  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • About the fishing
    Sports fishing in Lake Ärr is good most of the year. Pike- and perch are the most common fish, but there is also a good change for rainbow trout. Ice-fishing in winter is beautiful.
  • Season
    All year round
  • Boat ramp
    In the north part, at Fröskog's guest harbour
  • Guest harbour
  • Fishing regulation
    By Ärran's FVO. Spinfishing and trolling is allowed. When trolling, max. 4 rods /boat with a specific trolling license needed. It is forbidden to fish close to the trout-farm.
  • Fishing permit
    Fishing licence sales: Sportfishing Dalsland, ICA Fengersfors Price per day :50 SEK Price per week : 100 SEK Trolling : 150 SEK per day, 4 rods max.
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  • City
    Bengtsfors 16 km
    Åmål 17 km