Östebosjön (Nedre Upperudsälvens FVO)

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Östebosjön is included in the Lower Upperudsälvens FVO which was established in 1990, and comprises a total water surface area of ​​1455 ha, between Håverud and Järnvägen in Köpmannebro. Östebosjön and other lakes under this FVO are directly connectedto Väner, where many species of fish occur. Besides pike and perch, there are good chances for Zander also

Östebosjön is about 40 m deep at its deepest point, and has much deeper and rockier beaches than for example Svansfjorden. Östebosjön also connects to Dalsland Canal and Snäcke Channel. In Snäcke you can divert up to enter the lake Ånimmen. There are incredibly many beautiful places around the lake, and it is a great lake to drift by boat and practice spinfishing. Something to recommend !

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • Area, hectares
    1210 ha (including part of Svansfjorden)
  • About the fishing
    Östebosjön is, just like Swansfjorden, a nutrient-rich lake, in comparison with many other lakes in Dalsland. Trolling and spinfishing for pike and Zander can be good. Good perch fishing with jigs, spinners and small wobblers. Östebosjön has many islands and bays, and offers exciting sport fishing for mainly perch, pike and Zander !
  • Season
    All year round
  • Boat ramp
    Boat ramp at Upperuds Gästhamn Spången.
  • Fishing regulation
    Salmon with fatfin may not be caught downstream between Upperud and Håverud, from a limit of 25 m. downstream from the power station up to the lake Åklång !
  • Fishing permit
    Fishing license needed for all types of angling.. Max 2 rods / person is allowed. Minimum size for Salmon 60cm, and 45cm for Zander. Prohibition to fish for Salmon & Trout between 15 sept.och 31 December ! Prices in SEK : Day 50: - Week 100: - Half year 150: - season ticket 200: - family season ticket 250: - NOTE. Now you can also buy a fishing license online, or you can pay in the amount applicable to each card: Lower Upperudsälvens FVO Bg 325-6526. Write your name, category of fishing license and the date. Print a copy of bank payment, and take it with you while fishing. This applies as a fishing license.