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  • Övre och Nedre Upperudshöljen (Included in Lower Upperudsälvens FVO)

Övre och Nedre Upperudshöljen (Included in Lower Upperudsälvens FVO)

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Upper and Lower Upperudshöljen are one and the same lake. In the northern part liesHåverud, here is also the "inflow" from Lake Åklång. In the southern part lies Upperud.

Övre och Nedre Upperudshöljen is the lake that is most upstream in the fishery board's lake area. Around the lake are some houses, and power stations at both ends. Dalsland Center is located in Håverud.

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About this activity

  • Type of fishing
    Större utmaning
  • Area, hectares
  • About the fishing
    Good fishing for pike, perch, walleye, salmon, rainbow trout, tench, roach, bream, vendace, trout. The rainbows you can catch here are fish that "escaped" from the fish farm, wich can be found in the lake's north-western part.
  • Season
    Whole year round, but some exceptions in the fishing rules.
  • Boat ramp
    Boat ramps can be found in both ends of the lake.
  • Guest harbour
    in Håverud
  • Fishing regulation
    Fishing licenses needed for all kinds of fishing. Max 2 rods / person is allowed. Minimum size for Salmon is 60cm, and 45cm for Zander. Prohibition to fish for Salmon & Trout between 15 sept.and 31 December
  • Fishing permit
    Prices in SEK L Day 50: - Week 100: - Half year 150: - Year 200: - family season ticket 250: - NOTE. Now you can also buy a fishing license online.Or you can pay in the amount applicable to each card: Lower Upperudsälvens FVO Bg 325-6526. Write your name, category of fishing license and the date.Print a copy of bank payment , and take it with you while fishing. It applies as a fishing license!