Stora Le (Partly included in Struven's - Stora Le FVO)

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This part of the lake Stora Le is included in Struven's-Stora Le's fishery conservation. (See also attached map) This part of the Stora Le extending from Flötefjorden up to Myrevarv, and further on to Fölsbyviken. It has a maximum depth of 26 m. The lake is has a lot of national interest, and it is extremely important for sport fishing and outdoor recreation in the area.


The area contains many shallow bays and islands, in a typical wilderness environment. The water is a bit "humus"- colored in comparison with other parts of the Stora Le. This is partly because of the rivers that flow into the inner parts of the region, such as Holmerudsälven and Lianeälven. There is also a small fishing camp in the area, and several private cabins for rent. One of the best locations for sportfisherman !

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About this activity

Type of fishing
Större utmaning
Area, hectares
900 Ha
About the fishing
For sportfishermen, this water is "top of the line" when it comes to pike and perch-fishing. There are plenty of white fish, and the water is a bit humus colored in comparison with other parts of the Stora Le. Although the main sport fishing is focussed on perch and pike, there are a total of 27 other registered fish species in the lake ! After stocking of zander a few years ago, the first zander catches are reported. Perch Fishing can be really good in the area where the trees are blown over and ended up in the lake. Pike fishing is good throughout the whole year. NOTE : Pay attention to the maximum and minimum sizes that apply. (See also fishing rules)
All year. (But notice the closed area's and regulations.)
Nice catches
Pike on 17 KG and perches over 2 KG !
Boat ramp
Boat ramp at Holmerudsfors, see: GPS: 59.41565, 11.98927 (WGS 84 decimal) There is also a natural ramp at Gördsbysand, located in Fölsbyviken (Among the road between Selen and Fölsbyn.)
Guest harbour
Holmerudsfors marina GPS: 59.41565, 11.98927 (WGS 84 decimal)
Fishing regulation
• When trolling apply maximum 4 rods per boat • Maximum length for pike is 80 cm and maximum 2 pikes per day per angler. But of course we prefer and strongly recommend catch & release, for the future of sportfishing ! • The minimum size for zander is 50 cm • Maximum 2 zanders per day per angler • The trout / salmon are protected species between 1/9 and 31/12 • The minimum size for trout / salmon is 50 cm • Maximum 2 trouts / salmons per day / per angler
Fishing permit
A Fishing license must be bought, and it is personal and not transferable. The fishing license gives no rights to fish for crayfish. People age 16 and younger may fish without a fishing license. Day license : 50 SEK Weekly license : 200 SEK Yearly license : 500 SEK Fishing licenses are sold at the following locations: Tourist Office, Årjäng 0573-141 36 Martin Larsson, Sundstabyn 070-580 88 75 Karlsson, Southern Holmerud Alva 0573-240 04 License inspection takes place regularly by the fishing-association's officers. Fishing licenses must be worn and presented on request !
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