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Ragnerudssjön is a clear-water lake, with rocky beaches, and mainly a sandy bottom. The southern part of the lake is actually divided into two lakes, wich are Bergsjön and Gålsjön. All three are included in the same fishing license area.

A beautiful lake that offers a diversity of angling possibilities. Pike and perch fishing is very good here. In- and around Ragnerudssjön we offer rental boats, and several accommodations and camping possibilities at the lake. Along the lake's east side you will also find a nature-reservation, called "Ragnerudsjöns Branter' , wich is sure worth a visit if you are particularly interested in nature !

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Om denne aktiviteten

  • Type fiske
    Enkelt fiske
  • Størrelse i hektar
    169 ha.
  • Om fisket
    As in most large lakes here, you have the best chance for success if you fish from a boat. Common fish here are perch, pike, bream, bream, burbot, roach, smelt, vendace, eel and trout.
  • Sesong
    All year round
  • Spesielle fangster
    Pikes near 10 kg are caught in the lake every year, and also large 1 kg+ perches !
  • Fiskeregler
    Only handheld fishing tools are allowed
  • Fiskekort
    You can buy fishing licenses at : Ragnerudssjöns Camping . Pricing : 20 kr /day , 150 kr / yr
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